REFINEIT-10F Fumeless Electrolytic Gold and Silver Refining System. 0.5 Kilo per Day



REFINEIT-30F Fumeless Electrolytic Gold and Silver Refining System. 1.2 Kilo per Day



REFINEIT-2KF Fumeless Electrolytic Gold and Silver Refining System. 2.0 Kilo per Day


Our patented REFINEIT-FUMELESS system takes our breakthrough REFINEIT technology to the next level. For refiners or jewelers working in small shops, or anyone concerned about the fumes that are a byproduct of nearly all gold-refining, our REFINEIT-FUMELESS system is revolutionary. Based on the same basic principles as REFINEIT, this system condenses the gold refining process into a single, simple step and also makes the process clean, safe, and devoid of toxic fumes. It is even possible to work without the use of acids and avoid toxic waste!

That's the breakthrough of the "Safe Gold Refining" technology. Not only does it allow you to refine both gold and silver with minimal effort, but it does so without creating any toxic fumes. The chlorine gas, nitrogen dioxide, and nitrogen oxide typically created during the refining process are not present here, meaning there is no need for an expensive fume hood! Simple safety measures are still required.

Technology highlights:

  • No toxic fumes produced
  • Reduced amount of toxic waste
  • Option of using "no acids" technology

The "Fumeless and Safe Gold Refining" technology makes the entire process simple and clean. For more information, contact Gold Refining Systems today.